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Warranty service policy of all products of tranyoo Chuanyu:
In the case of normal use and maintenance of all products within the warranty period, if the parts and materials or functions of the products fail, the company will provide free warranty service after verification.
The product will not be warranted if:
A. The product has exceeded the warranty period
B. The user does not use the product according to the correct use guide of the product, resulting in product damage
C. The user disassembles, repairs and changes the structure by himself, resulting in product damage
D. Product failure or damage due to force majeure (such as fire and earthquake)

After sales receiving address: Chuanyu after sales, 4007887880,No.702, Zhongxin Bao group, No.101, fuchengao Industrial Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
Note: after sales warranty service does not include product transportation cost and does not provide on-site maintenance service